Thursday, 29 December 2011

Adam is 10!!

Bismillah Walhamdulillah.. <3

It seems that my little (baby) Brother, Muhammad Adam Daniel has turned 10 on the 27th of December..really wish I could be with him to celebrate his big 10! hehe..but it's okay..he looks happy enuff without me..:)

However, I thought I should dedicate this post to him..:)
Not because I love him more that any of my siblings, (I am very sure about this) becuase if they get into fights, I get into various sides. not only Adam's.. hehe..

But I think this entry goes to him because, I am a bit older that I can recall the moments of him growing up :)

so here goes...

I still remember those times,
When Kakak and I would ask Mama desperately,
pestering Papa of how much we wanted,
 another little baby,to join our family,
and then how mama's face would look so tired,
to repeatedly  give a one and only answer,
Ask from ALLAH. :)

I still remember how I doubted my prayers,
But I did pray anyway,
so that ALLAH Would Kindly Give us,
another bundle of joy.

I still remember that night,
Mama and Papa brought home a film,
a picture of an embryo,
I remember how frightened I was,
when papa said,
look, what is that picture is that?
It looked so formal that I thought mama was sick,
but then mama said,
it's a baby.

I still remember how we all shouted,
of pure joy,and gratefulness,
so ALLAH Was Listening afterall!

I still remember how the family was so worried,
about how the baby's gonna turn out,
I'm very sure Mama had a very hard time,
deciding to keep the baby.

I still remember how we payed a visit to the Great Kaabah,
and I would not miss praying for your safety,
so that you would come out a normal healthy baby,
Let the baby be normal.
that was kind of it.

I still remember the moment we found out you were a boy,
we started scrambling through the pages of baby's names.
I would accompany Mama shopping at Mom's care or Mothercare,
How we eagerly waited for your arrival,
anxiously happy.

I still remember that day Mama was admitted to the hospital,
I would stand close to the phone waiting for Papa to call,
how Mama was in pain that Papa asked us to pray,
and then another phone call,
saying that the baby has arrived,
and he was perfectly healthy.

I still remember that time when I thanked Allah so much,
and I thought,
wow, another prayer answered!

I still remember how excited the family was,
though there were struggles,
mostly Mama and Papa had to go through,
taking care of your asthma,
through nights and days.

I still remember the day we registered you,
into your kindergarten,
watching you perform in your school concerts,
watching you grow,
and speak english so fluently,
how smart you are,
and how talkative you are..

And now it's been 10 years of a great journey,
we have travelled together with the boy,
a blessing from ALLAH,
who always makes us smile,
(when he's not naughty)
the one who's most kissed, most hugged,
who clears our minds,
whenever problems interfere,
with that cute little voice,
speaking so wisely as if he is older,
waking up very early,
and waking everyone up,
reminding how exciting life is.

So you're all grown up,
you're 10 years old!

We still clearly see you as our cute little baby brother,
my baby buuubuu,
your birth was a blessing to our family,
because of you,
the family keep its peace,
and learn lessons of life,
though sometimes we fall, we know,
there is still a little cute voice that would entertain us.
there is always that little (now taller) boy that I could run to and hug,
and chase around just to kiss him.

Oh Adam,
How much of a blessing you are,
Please stay cute and fun!
But Allah Created you to grow,
And if you must grow,
please grow wiser and smarter,
please grow handsome,
please remember to always be our reminder,
of how much Allah Loves us,
please amaze us with your continuous stories,
please grow stronger inside and out,
Please grow to be a hero of the ummah,
Please grow to be the best of Allah's servants,

Thank you Allah, for a brother, a baby to the family, an entertainer, and a reminder, a holder of our homes, for whenever we are sad, or even when we cry, he is surely to make us smile again. Please make this blessing eternal, till the end of time and till Jannah. 

Happy 10th Birthday, Muhammad Adam Daniel b Md Rosli.
We love you..
so so much.

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