Saturday, 8 June 2013

Splish Splash!


So it feels like summer has just knocked (hit !!) on the door.
And Mashary's craving to play with water has really developed that
 he will find his way to the toilet on his own.
and whenever someone forgot to close the door, he'll be having a party of his own usually while I'm busy in the kitchen!
Luckily I am very sensitive to sounds, and when I hear something different, like not his usual railway banging noise, or his fixing-the-box sound, pushing-the-toybin sound ,then I'll know he's in there. haha.

Yesterday was a Friday,
The only holiday we have here in Egypt.
Even as tiring as it may sound, it also makes Friday super special.
It's the waking up early day (for ummi only), cleaning up the house day, cooking something day, reading the Kahfi day and most importantly, the only day to be with my baby for 24 hours.

So I decided, this day has got to count!
I planned to bring some toys and cups with a whole bottle filled with water to the Stadium to let Mashary play with water OUTDOORS!

My dear friend Aisyah decided to join  us so that Hubby could go study as much as possible!
Thanks Aunty Ecah!

Muhammad Mashary Zidane had so much fun splish-splashing....

 Until, he spotted a group of kids playing football.

 Then he begged Ummi to join them 
 But Aunty Aisyah helped to convince him that he will play ball once he starts walking.
Look, we have the same expression!!!!!!

So to wrap up the day, we went to the HKs to give two aunties who were yearning for Mashary a visit.

Alhamdulillah for the afternoon.
Ummi's note :
 no more baby games next time.
 It's showdown. Football or Soccer please. 
Thank You.


  1. comelnya laah tasnem anak awak ni!

    1. ni kak shera kawan kakak kan?? akk pon chomel was HK? amboii..enjoy sakan nmpk ;) count me in the next vacation..lpas tu gilir2 babysit..haha.. ;)