Sunday, 8 January 2012

a warm, bright, home library..


I've always wanted a small area for me to treasure my books that I have collected since young..I managed to get my parents to buy me a huge bookshelf, but sadly it was left in our old house.. :(

I long to have a comfortable home library filled with books!!

Just like these...

this room looks verrryyy cosy..I'm imagining myself writing a letter on that desk or reading a good book to sleep on the sofa..with my lil one reading aloud one of his favourite storybooks :)

 or the books could have a special storage room which looks soooo exclusive like this..I'm imagining my lil ones having mengaji classes in there..!!
or the books could just be a part of the family area..where the whole family can relax and gather, and if anyone wishes, may pick up a good book to read..!!

insyaALLAH.. i really wish to have these book areas if not a library in my own home..:)
when will that be?
i don't really know..
but I'll keep praying..
insyaALLAHU TA'ALA.. :)

p/s: for the mean time, i'll learn to keep my books organized instead of being left lying around everywhere I go that really annoys my parents then, and now my hubby..erkzz..

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