Sunday, 11 December 2011

a moment separated..


So last night it was the Real Madrid vs Barcelona's big game.
Note that Hubby is an exceptional soccer player..but he's not a huge fan of watching games..which is a very good thing, since we won't always be fighting for the remote ( we dont even have one to begin with..) anywys, you kinda get the point.. but last night was a big big, i have no idea bcause I am not a fan of not just soccer or football, but sports in a whole..but i knew it was a big game since everyone was talking about it..

So, I decided to let Hubby watch the game, however the game starts at 11pm! Though he wasn't making a big deal of wanting to watch it so badly, I somehow felt bad and I thought I should let him watch, perhaps we could use this given time to catch up with our long lost friends...haha..

So off I went to the HK'S ! beit HusnulKhotimah..oh what a name, ameen to that Ya Rabb..

I enjoyed our evening studying and watching a series, and chit chatting, until it was bedtime..

I was missing my hubby so very much I thought I could cry...I gave him a call and we wished each other salam, then I went to bed..

Of COURSE I couldnt sleep!!!

till about 2 am plus?

Then I was too tired struggling with my p***** pain.hehe..dozed off anyways..:)

I havent heard the other side of the story..I bet hubby had a great time..but I'm sure he missed me too..

Can't wait to see him soon..
Thanks Allah for this sense of belonging you grant upon us.

Alhamdulillah for a Hubby I'm able to love, to care for, to hug tightly, to cry with, and to miss upon..

I vow to do better as a wife. May He love me as much as I love him. (or maybe more..hehe)

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