Monday, 2 September 2013


Bismillah Walhamdulillah,

You are my love at first sight,
That day was bright,
And so were your eyes.

We met by surprise,
So special, an unforgettable one.

Your smiles melt my heart,
Everyday enlightened by your presence,
It's just so surreal,
I thank God everyday,
Every moment we are together.

You are more, you are more,
Than anything I could've ask for
Making my heart beat faster,
My tears flow with joy.

Curing all the bitterness in me,
You're like the stars in the dark sky,
You're like the cool winds in the summers' nights,
More than anything I could've ask for.

Our silent Prayers accompany,
Your journey through life,
And if you ever break or fall,
Know that you are always more.

This is a little something Ummi wrote for you,
and Walid put in some beautiful melody to turn it into music.
Honestly, we can't wait to record this for you!
Hopefully it'll be soon.

My Dearest Mashary,
This whole year has been MashaALLAH,
Indescribable for the both of us.

The song roughly tells the story about our feelings,
since the day you were born,till this day you turn 1.

We watch you grow everyday,
Cherish all your achievements,
Put in hopes whenever you fall.
We hope to never break your heart.

Though sometimes,
We have to leave you in the nursery,
and you cry with all your heart,
know that with every step away is our prayers,
that we believe will shower more love and care and happiness.
for you.

Mashary Sayang,
on your 1st birthday,
Ummi would like to say sorry,
for all my faults towards you,
for not being able to become the best mom,
 not having the time to cook totally healthy food for you everyday,
not being able to provide you with enough breast milk,
not being to make sure you are spotless throughout the whole day,
having to leave you at the daycare for 6 days a week,
forcing you to travel long-haul in the plane,
not being consistent in teaching you The Quran,
when sometimes I become to tired to entertain you in the car,
especially when  you think my head is the steering wheel,
also when I raise my voice towards you when you get into dangerous zones.

We are not perfect in so many ways, 
but we are always trying our best to become the best for you.
For if you spot any mistakes or weakness,
know that only ALLAH is Perfect,
and if we ever disappoint you in any way,
know that ALLAH will never disappoint you,
as He Is Always There for You,
and whatever happens is the best for you.

Muhammad Mashary Zidane,
Ummi & Walid loves you,
so very much.