Sunday, 4 December 2011

a new day has come!

waking up to the song "waiting for the call" by Irfan Makki, is just refreshing..
though ive been sleeping for almost 3 full days. Today I feel a bit better, probably because of the effect of the meds.

Feeling so weak and soo cold with pain and tenderness all over makes the blanket feel soo warm and soo inviting to sail me through my dreams away from the lies of the reality.

Though today i woke up shocked by a nightmare and sweating all over..Pain seems to grow more and more, making me feel heavier like ive gained 1000 pounds.

But maybe this is the rest that i wanted so much after a period of the rocky rocky road..
I feel closer to Him when I pray in this weak body. finally admitting that I am none other than just His tiny servant. only His Creation whom at anytime can He Take Back the ni'mah of health. or at anytime can He Call Back to return to Him.

But somehow today, after listening to this wonderful song by Irfan Makki, I feel refreshed! and maybe it's time to commence my journey of my Mujaahadah in the field of medicine, and also in the field of being a solehah wife and daughter. insyaALLAH..

wake up! It's dayligt!
let be gone the nightmares of last night's sleep,
let be gone the sadness of yesterdays,
let's start a new day!
(tho asr is approaching..hehe)
a new day has come.

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