Sunday, 4 December 2011


Warmth is having a hot chocolate with a bestfriend,
Warmth is cuddling up in a thick double layered balnket,
Warmth is listening to raindrops while reading a good book,
Warmth is with the color of brown or maybe dark brick-red,
Warmth is having dinner with close relatives,
Warmth is sharing your biscuits with those around you in lectures,
Warmth is hugging your loved-ones so tightly and never let go,
Warmth is by loading up a backseat of a taxi with four of your size during a cold day,
Warmth is by listening to your parents' voices thru the telephone,
Warmth is smiling while you are sleeping,
Warmth is when you pray, all covered up, and focused to ask for mercy and forgiveness,
Warmth is when your heart smiles thru all the hiccups of life,
Warmth is when you are held deep in His Love,
vsualising His Love in everything you see,
not just the heater, but even in the freezing water,
that will purify your soul, and you shall be warm in the midst of praising,
The Creator of Warmth.

mujaahadah for wudhu' during winter nights (and days!). Allah yusahhil!!!

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