Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sebelum Cahaya..


It was back then, during those time I just finished high school that I heard to this song on the radio. It was on this serene night, and I was emotionally connected to it!

Yesterday, as I was choosing to have a background wave in this small apartment, I decided to choose to listen to the song again, and it was nostalgic..

Once again the lyrics, brought me to a state of numbness.. :)

I have no idea how the writer really meant while writing this song, but the first time I heard this song, I interpreted it as this..

Ku teringat, hati, 

Yang bertabur, mimpi, 

Kemana kau pergi, cinta

Perjalanan sunyi, 
Yang kau tempuh sendiri, 
Kuatkanlah hati, cinta

I imagined as if someone finds me feeling so lonely 
and asks me where have I been that I have strayed, 
and tells me to be strong,
 and calls me Cinta. showing how I am being loved...
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Ingatkan engkau kepada, 

Embun pagi bersahaja, 

Yang menemani mu, 
Sebelum cahaya
Ingatkan engkau kepada, 
Angin yang berhembus mesra, 
Yang 'kan membelai mu, cinta

Two interpretations for this verse.

He then reminds me of the morning dew that comes earlier in the day while I am waiting for the sun, also the soft wind that blows thru my hair- somehow He is telling me that I am not alone, there are many other things that are keeping me company..only they are too subtle, that I always overlook. thus, this reminder.

 Is only directed to this line "Yang Menemanimu Sebelum Cahaya". This line reminds me of the 9 months I spent in my mother's womb, so so dark without any light, If I were to be there right now, I would have been terrified in the darkness, But there was always company, that was with me thruout the 9 months, before it was my time to be born, to see the light.

SubhanALLAH, for it is of ALLAH'S Wisdom that He was there with me, accompaying thru the darkness,making sure I was not scared, in His very own special way.. before i even knew what the light was..

SubhanALLAH, for it is of ALLAH'S Mercy that He has created the subtle morning dew, or the soft soft wind that holds me thruout my loneliness if I ever felt down and low during this journey, for He has Created my family and friends, my teachers and students, my comfortable life, ..just to be patient waiting for the sun to rise, just as sure as it will, despite of me always being sceptical about  it.

Kekuatan hati, 

Yang berpegang janji, 

Genggamlah tangan ku, cinta
Ku tak akan pergi, 
Meninggalkan mu sendiri, 
Temani hati mu cinta

And then here, I imagined how He is saying, to hold on tight to His Religion, And He is the One who will never leave me alone, always there, always here, right beside my heart,taking care of it, or rather, just within it...

I enjoy this song a lot, because somehow the chorus is repeated over and over and over again, as if, it is really to remind me of how close He is..of how much He Knows how hard life is, but how He Has sent so many good things and blessings to show His Presence and His Love in my life.

Forgive me when I forget, Oh Forgive me when I whine.. 

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