Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Mother's Love


You're like a flower that grows so high,
For your beauty that soothes our hearts,
For the sweetness of the scent you bring,
You're The Mother we'd never trade.

You're like the star high in the sky,
Shining so bright in the gloomy night,
You light our lives from dark to bright,
We'll pray for you to cherish the light.

Coz Mama, 
We love you,
For all of our lives,

Coz Mama,
We love you,
All days and all nights.

Wow, it seems that it was just yesterday that I wrote this poem.
I actually wrote this back when I was in Form 1,
Actually it was a song I composed for my mom that I never sang,
Because I doubted that my voice would do any justice to it..(haha..)
Maybe one day when I find someone to sing it, 
I'll post it here, insyaALLAH.

This post is a gift to my mother,
who has been just the right mother for me.
Everything she does, all that she is,
has made me the person I am today,
She inspires me to work hard,
and her faith in ALLAH is just amazing,
as she always tells me to leave everything to ALLAH 
once I've done my best,
reminding me constantly after every exam,
like really, each and every one of them.

I love you, Mama.
I've got nothing to give you,
but you only deserve the best.
I hope somehow,someday I will be able to make you proud,
though I know my happiness is all it takes to make you smile,
ALLAH Only Knows how much you have done for us,
ALLAH Only can Repay all your sacrifice.
Happy Mama's Day!

Photos above were taken on the day we left our nests.
We were of course in debt to the women who raised us and taught us how to live and love,
Thanks for all the prayers you sent for us every single moment,
Verily we feel them at every beating of our hearts.

Happy Mothers' Day.

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