Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day : Part 2 : Twin Daddies

Bismillah Walhamdulillah,

Our very last minute planned small party came to an end just now.
Babies are now sleeping safe and sound, while their parents, get on back to reality.
Really, the Reality is really not about partying around. haha.
However, we are very grateful that ALLAH Has Given us some time to share our love.
Is there a party in here?

Please allow me to help you, Ummi !

Friends Forever!

Different Words, same Meaning

Twin Daddies with Their little Heroes

The Party Planners with their Loyal Assistants
Dear Walid,
Thanks for always clipping my nails for me,
so that I don't poke my eyes with them.

Thanks for introducing me to the wild wild world,
but still keeping me close to you while exploring them.

Thanks for always sucking my nose,
to make sure I sleep soundly during feverish nights.

Thanks for letting me get wet and messy,
coz you know that's what I like best.

Thanks for becoming my Ummi,
when it's her time to rest.

Thanks for bearing with my diapers,
even the sloppiest ones.

Thanks for hugging me tight,
every single night.

Thanks for being my Father,
the one I would never change for another.

 Muhammad Mashary Zidane b Mohd Aimanuddin
(your 9 mo Son)

Credits to Mrs Akhi for all her help.
We did it, Najwa!
Two busy moms juggling Cardiothoracic and Neurosurgery,
and a fathers' day party.

walahawla wala Quwwata illa Billaah!

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