Monday, 27 May 2013


Bismillah Walhamdulillah!

It was the 12th of May,
when almost everyone were celebrating their mothers!

A few days before, 
My Sister sent me a message asking me to fly a little gift for Mama from Egypt,
Alhamdulillah it made it in KL.
Just not in time for mothers' day.
So I was a lil bit frustrated.

The day before Mother's day,
The three of us were waiting in a long long queue,
in the children's hospital for a follow up session with the Pediatrician.
During the wait,
I took a glimpse at my husband holding my baby in one arm and his notes on the other.
I said to myself,

"Oh this is what I want for Mother's day, 
A Healthy Boy & A Hardworking Husband"

Well then Mother's day came,
on a Sunday,
which was a working day, and a schooling day,
in Egypt, so it felt like another ordinary day.

Till My husbdand came home that evening insisting that we dress for the occasion and celebrate!

Never would I have imagine such a big crowd celebrating my day????!!
Future celebrating-their-wives-on-mother'sday Daddies
Future Brilliant Mommies

While entering the Restaurant, I immediately saw Anis, and I was so delighted that we were gonna have dinner at the same place!

But after taking a few more steps forward, I saw a looooong table filled with familiar faces!!
I was even more excited that we're having dinner with more people!!
but still had no clue why they were there..

till they all sang the birthday song...
oops the Ibu song..

Wow, I never really imagined that my first mother's day celebration would be this grand!

All thanks to my Dear Husband,
who put all his sweat and blood ($$$)
into this extraordinary party.
of course with some help from very loyal friends.

On that day I prayed so much for all the mothers in the world.
Being a mother has been such a wonderful experience,
I remember my long lost best friend asking me,

Gg : So how has it been, Tasnim? Being a mom and all?
Me : It's just so wonderful that I pray all my friends will get married and have their own children soon!


For you have created me a son,
and made me a mother.

Please Grant upon me Strength like those You Granted upon
Aminah, Hajar, Khadijah, Fatimah (RAH)
who created Miracles by raising Heroes.


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