Friday, 4 January 2013

from Hurghada with Love..

Bismillah Walhamdulillah..

Here is a slideshow of pictures of our latest 'real vacation' in Hurghada,
(Walid says with a baby in the house it feels like having a vacation everyday!!)

It was about 8 hours drive from our home in Mansoura,
There were 8 Adults and Two little infants,
our chubby almost 4 mo Muhammad Mashary Zidane,
and the cutey almost 2 mo Muhammad Solah Syahadah!

We had soo much fun although it was a bit challenging to travel long haul with these two little bosses..
but they weren't bossy at all ..! haha
It was an adventurous and enjoyable vacation.
The view of the deep blue sea and vast open desert made it a relaxing one.
Not to mention the wonderful weather!!!!!
Though a bit chilly in the late evenings, it is almost perrrfect during the day!!!
it was bright and sunny but was not hot at all..the softly blowing winds really made my day..

I would also like to recommend the Bella Vista Hotel in Downtown.
a very nice b&b hotel..

Enjoy this clip.
and if you're in Egypt, this place is a must-visit !!!


  1. awww tasnim.. bestnye nampak.. baby ko comeell gileee chubbyyy betoll! haha.

    1. awww fannieee.. all the more reason for u to visit egypt balek!!! kitorg tunggu ko smpi april tahun depan yeh??? hihihi..miss u..
      pls tke cre!!

  2. Awwwwwww...u guys look do you put it eh.."sempurna lagi menyempurnakan", MasayaAllah. Sangat suka tgk Mashary the most..haha. He has grown up!! Cant wait to see him bila dia da besar sikit Tasnim. Thank YOU sooo much for including ME in this thoughtful journey of yours. Am just so blessed and I pray many more for you, Aiman, Mashary and your family. Barakallah!

    1. this must b aunty alya??? ish we are nowhere near sempurna..u can definitely spot the failed color-blocking attempts i made..hahaha..and many others though your prayers surely help us go thru any diificulties with ease..Alhamdulillah..wishing the best for u toooo..:)