Saturday, 19 January 2013

the warmth of togetherness..

Bismillah Walhamdulillah..

It is currently approaching midnight and I am feeling sleepy but very excited to quickly write this post.

So we have been having honorable guests over at our home and Alhamdulillah they were all definitely the bearer of Rahmaat <3

Muawwidz ( One of  Walid's besties) together with Faten, his ever-so-friendly wife decided to visit the Mansoura Babies, Zidane & Solah...

So when two best friends meet, along with other adjoining talented people, they turned our living room into a very lively studio...

At first Walid's guitar started to regain its sound again..after being deserted for soo long..haha..and then a few new instruments moved in. The Percussion box, an Ukulele, and a Keyboard!!!! 
Wow, was I mesmerized !!!

They decided to cover 'Senyum' in conjunction with many heart-breaking (???) events that happened lately throughout the whole world..
the facebook world to be more precise..

Faten and I also had amazing bonding times, we just chatted through days and nights, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and interests, recipes, and so much more..

Till Faten decided to thank us buy preparing Lunch, MashaALLAH!!!

Please ignore the gigantic kitchen utensils used, but rather focus on the yumminess of the meals..
 We had Spaghetti Carbonara (or was it fettucini ) with some Fruit Salad..
Thanks so much dear, you fed us well !!!!

Because the recording took some time to finish,
Faten decided to give me a treat..guess what???

This picture does not do justice to the beauty of the drawing..
*note below
However, we had a good laugh when Zidane woke up and demanded to be fed, then got my henna all smudged everywhere..

I still remember Faten saying, "tak ape, nampaklah macam bukan inai pengantin baru, inai for a new mom..


To our lovely guests (including the band members)
Thanks for coming and giving our cold winter days some heat and spark,
we definitely appreciate your company,
and we appologize for our badhospitality..

Hope to see you again soon!
Insya ALLAH!!

wow, i think this looks kinda cool!!

ill have a try and see if I'll get a part in the song..

No!!! I think I miss my Susu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Faten does Moroccan-inspired henna for any occasions. She is currently in Cairo but goes back to Malaysia for holidays. 
Find Nur Fatin Kamaluddin on Facebook for more info..

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