Monday, 31 December 2012

The Name and its tale..


Dearest Muhammad Mashary Zidane,

You are (of course! ) asleep now..and Ummi is going to dedicate this post to you, and your name.

First and foremost let's start with 
Of course this is the name of our Beloved Prophet SAW,
This name was given to you by your Jiddi.
He actually insisted that the name be part of yours,
so that you will keep on carrying the virtue of best akhlaq and being close to ALLAH,
and so Alhamdulillah, 
you are a Muhammad ! 

You were named after the Syeikh Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy,
His melodious Quran recitation would melt the hearts of almost everyone.
Know that you were first named Mishary but then while Ummi & Walid were doing some researching we found out that Mishary is the pronounciation in Saudi Arabia while the Egyptians pronouce it as Mashary.
It is not really a problem because it is an' A'jamiy' word which means it is not arabic, 
similar to Adam, Ibraheem, Ismail.
an A'jamiy word carries its meaning according to the culture or the locality, therefore,
Mashary has several different meanings :-
1. A speeding arrow
2. The one who 'sells' himself to ALLAH
3. Sweet

Of course your Walid chose this beautiful name for you,
and it means Progressive, and it is an arabic word. :)
Zidane is the name of the famous footballer, and I remember Walid saying that Zidane was a playmaker and hence he progressed himself and helped others to do the same too.
Which is very interesting,
since you are the first son, and first grandson in both familes. 

So , 

Muhammad Mashary Zidane
Mohd Aimanuddin

If anyone hears your name, many will think that we have very high expectations for you..
However, these names are merely just wonderful prayers that we call you with, 
just so that you become if not like them, better than them in your own unique ways.
We believe that you will discover your talents later on and that we will support them with our all, insyaALLAH.
It really doesnt matter which field you are good in, 
we will try our best not to stand between you and your dreams in the future.

may you be a footballer, a qari, or an imaam, a doctor, or a pilot, or a teacher, or an entertainer..
We only want you to become the nearest you can get to your GOD, in anyway you can find.

and when Ummi & Walid says goodbye (just for awhile)
Please ask ALLAH to erase our sins and send Rahmaat to our souls,
and insyaALLAH we will meet again in Jannatul Firdaus.
ameen, ameen, ameen..

We Love you with all our hearts,
Ummi & Walid

p/s :  always remember The One who actually named you was ALLAH SUBHANAHU WATAALA.
Alhamdulillah for You have Created a beautiful boy and Named him beautifully for us.




  1. bolehh taakkk nak menangis baca ni?? sweet sgt ni tasnim. :')

    1. Ellyyy..jgnla nanges..hihi..u r sweet too..doakan mashary ya..we hope to see aunty elly soon!! Muah3! Missing uuuuu

    2. Ellyyy..jgnla nanges..hihi..u r sweet too..doakan mashary ya..we hope to see aunty elly soon!! Muah3! Missing uuuuu

    3. haha mesti2 doakan!! missing u too tasnim! muaahs~ nx year balik insyaAllah kalau de jodoh kte jmpe ehh.. :)