Saturday, 26 January 2013

Alexandria - fun family time..


Many thanks to The Almighty ALLAH for the gift of holidays, lovely friends and fun times!!

Ummi Walid and Mashary, together with Khali Luqman and U.J Khyriyah packed our bags and headed off to Alexandria right at the beginning of the winter holidays.

We were soo excited that we got invited to Princess Raudhah's 1st birthday bash!!!
I am still amazed at how Mamaraudhah was able to organise 
an almost perfect birthday party for her lil darling..
the decor and food were amazing..and so were the company!
Ummi met some long lost friends and made many new ones..
am missing all of them already

The photos below are self-explanatory for describing the fun fun times we had..

We extend our gratitude to Raudhah's beautiful family for their homey hospitality..
We hope to see all Alexandrians friends in our home in Mansoura soon!!
RABBUL 'Aalameen

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