Monday, 24 December 2012

I dream to..


So, I can only start to dream when Mr Tiny Weeny with A Big Heart goes off to dreamland!! 
MashaALLAH, coming to the age of 3 months old has given our Zidane so many possibilities, physically, emotionally and also spiritually.

little update on Zidane (since I'm an Ummi..hehe)
Once he's awake, there's no way that he stays silent or plays alone lying on his back.. 
He always has to get up! and about!
So it's either watching youtube videos or singing weird songs with Ummi ( I now found a new talent, I compose baby songs!! spontaneously!! and the person who 'loves' it more than my baby is his Walid..hahahaha, sorry you have to bear with this..) 
he enjoys his acrobatic time with Walid..
Alhamdulillah he enjoys both equally..
so Ummi and Walid can take turns entertaining our new entertainer..hehehe..

and back to my dream !

I dream to have a gathering of only girls!
something like a weekly or a fortnightly get-together..
where we can chit chat and talk about almost anything!!
say we pick a topic, 
then every girl will have an opportunity to share her favourite book with us and then let us know about how she relates it to Islam as a way of life.

or another topic FASHION
then we discuss on how fashion is relevant in Islam.

I really want the discussion to be a real discussion where everyone has a say 
and can voice out their own ideas.
However in the end, there'll be a wrap up by an educated Syariah Advisor so that we won't come up or go home with weird ideass..haha

At the end of the gathering we can have a live performance by some of the talented girls, maybe we could sing, or play an instrument,or read a poem just to chill while savoring some yummy dishes..

My idea is to get together just for a while, say 3 hours get to know each other, and then learn at least a small something about Islam. 

We are always too busy with school and school and..schoool..that sometimes we forget to allocate some time to learn more about this Deen. 
I plan to learn it not academically based,
but more of how to put Islam into your life,
as a way of life.. :)


I have dreamt so long but have not yet found the strength to do it..

My concerns are :-

Will there be anyone interested ??
Who is willing to become the 'talented girls' ??
Who is willing to become our Syariah Advisor ??
Where do we get our Financial source from ??
and finally 

Are YOU sharing my dream ??



  1. I so love the DREAM Tasnim! I have always are a great DREAMER and I believe you are a DO-ER who makes your dreams come true TOO.. So go and do it laaa... Don't wait for someone to share the same dream..or wondering whether there'll be anyone interested or not and who will join.. YOU GO AND CREATE THOSE OPPORTUNITY for others okay. Make flyers and promote it to others..get a team of four to be the backbone of the this event.. delegate task..start small..and'll be a DREAM-CAME-TRUE.. everyone can share! I know you can do it. All the great women in Islam, are not GREAT if they didn't take GREAT responsibilities , make GREAT sacrifices and do GREAT things in life..all for the sake of ALLAH..THE GREATEST!. InsyaAllah..we will all follow their footsteps. So Tasnim, what are you waiting for? Go and amaze us with your great dreams okay..and i look forward to hear all about the progress of what have happened so far..

    Love, (UNTY) Alya Qaryna =)

    Yes i will get that team of four insyaALLAH..
    and i'll make sure this one comes true..apart from having a dream to produce an islamic musical..hahahaha..ini mmg mimpi betul..
    insyaALLAH..mohon di doain ya!!
    hahah..u tke cre otw to replying ur msgs on whatsapp.. ehermm.. ;)