Tuesday, 4 December 2012

for those in Lololooove..

Bismillah Walhamdulillah,

I am now currently sitting on the chilly marbles next to two sleeping beauties. It is rather peaceful tonight, especially because I have finished STEP no 2 of my pediatrics exam and STEP no 3 will be on Friday. and that's still a long way to go. Or so I think it is..haha..

So, I have decided to write this post due to some great news that I have received recently, of my bffs, on their road to that blessed union of marriage. And they are pretty( very!!) concerned about keeping their relationship a blessed one till they are officially married. Alhamdulillah and Congratulations in advance!

On that congratulation note, here is also a note for you girls to be extra careful. I was once in your situation and I totally understand all the temptations you are experiencing. So I am just going to share some advise though of course I'm not even near to being qualified to give advise, but hey, as a friend, why not right?

So, being engaged, formally or informally gives you the curiosity to get to know Mr Fiance (Mr F) more. and of course being in love makes you feel that you have to share everything with him! Happy times, sad times, some secrets of yours, and this makes you feel like you need to contact him every single day to sort of summarize all the events that happened to you in that day.

See, at first, things would seem pretty simple. But then the devilish Shaytaan will always be happy to drop by your conversation, and things might progress not for the better but for worse. Of course it won't happen over one text message or one phone call. But, as Shaytaan builds his house in your heart, first he brings his equipment, then they put up the walls, then their furniture, and then they happily dwell. in your heart. yes, the place only for ALLAH.

I am going to give you a simple formula and really hope that it would be able to help you just as much as it helped me.Here goes.

What you want (call to ask for his help) = x
What you hope to achieve (him helping you) = y

So, if you do call him, you will most possibly get your Y.
However if you recite Lailahaillallah and then put it to action you will definitely
 (don't trust me, but trust ALLAH) get a set from A-Z or even sometimes you'll get an # or & or ^, 
things beyond what you can imagine. like you get a free loading van to help move your things!!!

This formula has worked for me several times. I'm going to give you a few examples to make things simpler.

1. I really wanted to call my Fiancee to tell him about the Quran Course that I went to. All the amazing details that stopped my heart. But the I chose not to. and to my surprise, He has also gained those amazing from who knows where..not even with me telling him. huhm.

2. I really wanted to buy a dress but it was not really aurat covering or was it a bit too tight. I left it because of ALLAH, and next thing was I found a 10 times more beautiful dress that totally covers up and was much more cheaper.

3. Was really craving for Mc D. but said NO. Someone bought it to me for free the very next hour!!!

I think you get the point now.
You just have to say NO. or Lailahaillallah!
and the effects of you not pursuing what you wanted so much will only give you soo much more..and some times more that what you wanted. Sometimes even surprises.
I love surprises especially if it's from HIM. and it's to tell you that you've done a superb job. Isn't that more comforting than having your Mr F listening to all your problems, and sometimes they even might turn out to become misunderstandings and unwanted fights.

I wish the best for each of you and your Fiancees.
May ALLAH be the nearest to your soul than anyone else.
also may the shaytaan be the most furthest from you.

say Lailahaillallah.
act on it,
and you get the best of 'both worlds'.

I love you fillah.
so much that I would even teach Mashary to pray for Ummi's friends once he's able to.
The day will come and you'll both be very proud that you have proven that Allah Matters the most, though you are constantly being tested, insyaALLAH.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you so much for this post tasnim. Tergerak hati nak bukak and found what i need in this post. A pleasant surprise indeed :)

    1. Ilya dearie..Im glad u found this post beneficial for you..:) i really miss you and looking forward to listen to ur hijrah story..insyaALLAH :)