Tuesday, 6 November 2012

off-limits ?


Alhamdulillah, our little one has just fallen asleep, this time Ummi had to cuddle him to make him feel secure since Jiddah is not home.
I think he can definitely feel her absence that he had quite a tough time trying to sleep. 
May you have sweet sweet dreams, my Love.

Today, this post goes to my babies.

It is about having and understanding boundaries in life.
It is about being okay not to get what you want.
And it is crucially important to be okay.
and not to dwell or be frustrated.

and so my lecture begins,
Life, my dear is a very adventurous journey, where sometimes you have needs to be fulfilled.
However, some needs are just off-limits. 
Limits due to our religion, morality, financial support and others.

Examples are
you really want to go to that concert of your favourite band but you just can't.
you really want to get that yummy bite of McD's fries or cheese burger but you can't.
you really want to dress in Kate Middleton's dresses but of course you can't.
you really want to participate in a tournament that is on the same day of your  SPM seminar,and you can't.

It's also important to know that when you know what you want or you plan to do is off-limits, 
you'd better forget about it. it sounds simple,
 but really it is simple!

You just have to be strong enough to say NO to yourself. 
ok, this takes up a lot of strength,physicaly and mentally!! 
but that's why Ummi will always ask ALLAH to Grant you strength.
and the days will pass, and trust me, you will never feel remorse.
the days will pass and you will have missed the meal, or the concert, or buying something too expensive, and you will have forgotten about them. 
and you will be A-okay!

These temptations come quite often though.
So hold on tight to your faith and you'll make it thru,
you might make a mistake or two, that's okay,
as long as you learn the lesson of,

You cannot always get what you want.

Let's just focus on getting what we want in the hereafter, 'cause of course everything we have now is only temporary, 
everything will go away.surely.

So build your castle in the hereafter, wait, hold on now to get whatever you want later,eternally ! insyaALLAH.

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