Saturday, 27 October 2012

Medicine vs. All-time favourite


I am writing this post solely to remind myself of why I decided to pursue Medicine.
Just so that I hold on tight to this path,
despite any challenges, surprises, along its way..

The story began almost 5 years ago when I got my SPM Results.
and it did not allow me to pursue medicine here in Malaysia. Therefore, my hopes to become a doctor were almost shattered. I got an offer to do engineering instead. I was confused at that point as I believe that nothing is a coincident. Therefore there must be a reason to why engineering was offered to me. I got really confused on what I should do. 

And then, I came across the advertisement in the newspaper, and apparently, my results suit the qualifications required in Mansoura University, Egypt. After performing the magical Solat Istikharah, I remember only performing it once, after Isyaa.and I already got my answer. No. Not in my dreams. To me, my answers came with a sense of peace and calmness, it was as if I have found my path. and I don't feel worried or sad or curious about the choice, it was as if, I submitted and was ready to face it and journey thru it. Calm and confident. SubhanALLAH.

A lil reminder of how I used to hate the idea of becoming a doctor, beacuse of the workload, and the limited time I'll have to spend to do other fun things. It's as if I'm going to have to work hard throughout my life. Life is short, why not enjoy it??

Then comes another reason to why I decided to journey this path is because I went thru a course, ESQ Leadership Training in particular. and Alhamdulillah I had the opportunity to restate my mission, and that is to return safely to ALLAH SWT with a Sound Heart. sobs. InsyaALLAH.

And I also realised that I'll have to buy myself a ticket to enter Jannah, and in what way may I achieve that?

Then, I realised that I have to really work hard. like to really spend my time to only do the Ibaadaat as submission to ALLAH.One good deed can easily buy you a ticket to Jannah. However, as humans, we have no idea which good deed will ALLAH make a reason to buy that Golden Ticket.

I chose to do Medicine so that I could work hard. because only by working hard can I multiply my good deeds hoping! that ALLAH will count them as  sincere acts and save me from the hellfire. Naudzubillah. :(

So, a note to myself, whenever you think that Medicine or anything else is 'killing' you. Know that ALLAH is watching every action you do. and as long as you're sincere, it's a form of ibaadah. and never forget the Jannah, as that is the only place where you will get to rest,and be happy of course, Eternally.

So please, work hard, be sincere, face every challenge with leaps of faith..
Buying a ticket isnt that easy. so do your best to impress!

I really hope I can. 
ameen, Ya Samee'.

when you feel tired and torn, just close your eyes and imagine the Jannah.your tears, sweat will be paid off one day. more than worth it!

you might even experience 'syurga sebelum Syurga' if ALLAH Wills it.

My all-time favourite :)

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