Thursday, 8 November 2012

PD Vacay with Baby on board..

Bismillah Walhamdulillah
This time Jiddi and Jiddah took both, Ummi and Mashary to Port Dickson!
At first we were planning to go a bit further, but we opted to go to PD in the end. :)
The short vacation over the weekend was fun and in a a way, relaxing!
Here are some shots of Mashary's first trip to PD..(with loved ones!)

So, after checking in, Mashary decided to rest a bit then gave Ummi some amazing poses!

then while Ummi was praying, Mashary decided to give Jiddah this perfect shot!

Yes that's a roar!!!
and Yes that's the sea...!!

Unfortunately it rained cats and dogs, so no beach time for the day..
However the sun came up bright and shiny the next morning so we were off to the beach!!!

Khali Adam admiring the waves, this little 'baby' asked me if the waves were big enough for surfing..hehe
Jiddi and Cucu time.

the bodyguard of our trip!

smily faces, Jiddi checking over Mashary making sure he's smiling..hahaha

ALHAMDULILLAH we really enjoyed the short but breathtaking vacation, thanks to Jiddah for taking such good care of Mashary that Ummi could even sleep in..huah!

Thanks Jiddi and Jiddah for sponsoring this wonderful trip.
Thanks Khali Adam for being a superb bodyguard!!

Thanks Allah for Family, and the Sun,the Rain and the Sea.


  1. awwww Tasnim, baby dah besarrrrr.. so sorry tak dapat nak visit kau langsung, byk kali sgt plan nak pergi during aidiladha's holiday ritu tapi takde geng nak gi/takot sesat/andallsortofreasons, tuptup kau nak balik egypt dah. sobsob. nak tengok baby Mashary!!

  2. happy to see u again(wpun dlm blog je pun hehe) and the rest of happy family members..

    safe journey ya! tak sabar nak dukung mashary bambam..=)

    p/s: tasnim suap mashary nasi ek,sihat walafiatnya otot2 dia hihi

  3. @Fannie.. yes we are already back in egypt.. i think this means you have to come here to visit us?? mehla pulang ke tanah air kesayangan ko nih..heheh
    @MMK hihihi..jgn terkejut bukan Mashary sorg je yg bambam..ehemm..kene mintak slimming tips from you..heheheh