Friday, 5 October 2012

Our first bundle of joy..

Bismillah Walhamdulillah !!

I have just finished feeding Muhammad Mashary Zidane!! yet another achievement to make him full and sound asleep, for only ALLAH is the Provider for all his needs, our needs..

The birth of this little khalifa brought joy to us all, Alhamdulillah. It was an easy and fast delivery..

on September the 2nd, 2012
2 a.m
I felt the unbearable pangs of contractions..however when I tried to time them, they were not regular, hence not an alarming sign of labour..However the pain was not reduced by lying down, I couldn't go to sleep. I remember my hubby telling me to go to snooze off and the pain would go away, as usual. But this time it wasn't going away!

Knocked on Mama's door to tell her bout the pain, however she told me I wasn't in labor cause the contractions were not regular.So I decided to go to the washroom and get ready for bed.but by then I was already bleeding.fresh blood. Mama timed my contractions and they started to become regular..1 every 5 minutes!

Getting ready for the hospital. Alhamdulillah the baby's equipments were all ready and packed. The contraction pain was still bearable at this point. Papa had diarhea so only mama accompanied us to the hospital

5.30 am
Admitted to the labour room. The Midwife tried to measure the cervical opening but she couldn\t do it because there was fresh blood.She was concerned that my history of placenta praevia was still...praevia!!
Then she called the Dr and the Dr ordered to check it anyways. So up to this point the opening was 2cm.

6.45 am
Dr Ani came and burst up my water wasn\t really that painful..but it was scary..then the contractions started to become a liiiitle unbearable..Dr Ani had to give me pitocin..the name of drug that i would never forget to augment my contractions..and they became..MONSTROUS!!! After some discussion, I decided to take the miracle drug called the epidural..and Alhamdulillah, the pain decreased... :)

8.00 am
The midwife did another check up and I was already open by 8cm..

9.30 am
Our Little Caliph was born, with a slight cry, but then with eyes wandering around.ever so curious to his new surroundings.

Assalamualaika Ya Muhammad Mashary Zidane !!!
Ahlan wasahlan wa Marhaban Bik!

We welcome you with Tahmeed to the One who created you,
and may we become the parents who are the best in comforting you,

and may we become the best in introducing you to the One who Loves you the most,


and may we be the best examples to familiarize you to the Nobleness of,


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