Monday, 15 July 2013

Our Qurratu Ain in the Light of Ramadhan

Fixing the Batteries
WOW, The Doors of Rahmaat are now opened!
Should I go out and explore?

Using both hands to crawl and carry the 'fanoos' at the same time..focused!
So Ummi and Walid told me to pose!

Excuse me, should I climb onto this chair to hang my Fanoos?

A pat good job from my Walid
Do you like my new Jubah?

 Ummi's personal note :
 I felt a lot of light filling my heart whilst editing the photos of my baby. 
It's undescribable, it could be due to the Light and Serenity of this Blessed Month.
 Too much Barakah to be contained, so let's run towards it. 
Let's make this Ramadan a memorable one, in which after it is gone,
 we become someone new, someone better,
we become the People of Taqwa, of whom the Paradise is prepared for them. 

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