Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Oh Your Majesty..

Oh Your Majesty,
Everytime I try to look at the shady trees,
at the blooming flowers,
the fine soft sands,
I feel a certain happiness.

Oh Your Majesty,
Everytime I journey across giant mountains,
or fly above dark blue seas,
or stand underneath a crushing waterfall,
I feel a certain humbleness.

Oh Your Majesty,
Everytime I look into the faces,
of human beings who are smiling,
of not only joy but also sincerity,
I feel a certain calmness.

Oh Your Majesty,
Everytime I enjoy a joke or two,
racing each other in a fun match,
with my family or friends,
I feel  a certain rejuvenation.

Oh Your Majesty,
Everytime I listen to your Aayaat,
of creations of the earth and the skies above,
Of creations of Jannah and Jahannam,
I feel a certain terrifying shakiness.

Oh Your Majesty,
Everytime I try to plan,
matching to yours or not,
I feel a certain of belief.

Oh Your Majesty,
If one day the skies loss their support,
and mountain crashes,
when stars no longer guide but fall and destroy,
and the flowers become dust in the wind,
when the day you've promised have come and unveiled.

Save my soul and let it fly,
let it fly away from the destruction and way up high,
lighten my journey on that day of darkness,
be  my eyes of those seeing not blind,
be my heart of those glooming not putrefied,
be my companions of my loved ones and the righteous ones,
be my companions and I in a garden of flowers,
those that are eternal amidst the wells of waters,

Be on that day that we prostrate,
and only look up to end the blindness of todays, tomorrows and yesterdays,
only to look up to the view of,
Oh Your Majesty!

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