Saturday, 21 March 2015

It's raining today.

this is a spontaneous poem written,
in response of
Yasmin Mogahed's lovely writings in her book,
Reclaim Your Heart.

It's raining today,
after a long stretch of sun scorching afternoons.

It's peaceful today,
Suddenly shaded underneath the grayish clouds,
and this deserted heart cooled by the tiny drops of crystal waters,
falling ever so daintily from that vast 
vast skies.

My heart once so sore,
my mind filled with hopelessness,

What is life,
as obvious as a cycle,
people come, people go.

It's in this littlest moments like this,
Life gives its meaning,
Is it of leaving a legacy,
or rather a whole civilization,
It is more.
It is deeper.

It is of Love,
whether it is to be felt,
or to be left ignored.

For the rain showers everyone and everything,
may you be small or big,
significant or not,
rich or poor.

It gives to you your own meaning.
can you stop to smell the blessings,
embrace the comfort.

I choose to celebrate.
what life has given me,
that Love,
I so longed for,
is right before my eyes,
felt so deep,
within every beating of this fragile heart.

oh please,
just stay.
right there.
right here, 
so close,
so close.

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