Friday, 12 April 2013

Show me your Teeth !


And so to the excitement of Mashary's teething event,
I came up with a spontaneous song that turned into a cheer!
(cause you can't call it a song if it isn't melodious, can you? hihi)

MashaALLAH TabarakALLAH !

Here goes,

(Ummi's Version)

Gigi Dua Batang,
Anak Ummi Seorang,
Lompat atas Padang,
Suka Makan Pisang!!!

then I went to do some studying for awhile when I heard,

Mishmish Dua Batang,
Gigi Ummi Seorang,

(Walid's Version)

So much for entertaining your little baby while watching a football game..

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