Saturday, 9 March 2013

6 months old, love overflown, everflowing..

September 2nd 2012

 1st Month of Life

 I eat and sleep most of the time. 
I only let my Ummi swaddle me during the first three weeks then I found my way out of it and I was free!
My Walid left for school at the end of this month but we kept in touch with Video Calls!
Ummi cried whenever she saw me responding to Walid's voice.

2nd Month of Life 

My first Vacation to PD!
I found out how my surrounding looks like.
I started learning formally and informally.
I loved it.
Flew on the airplane the first time,
Loved the sound of its engine, slept most of the time in the comfy bassinet!

3rd Month of life

got Reunited with Walid, 
Helped Ummi get ready for her exams,
Became famous on fb for Ummi made me an Aiskrim Goreng ambassador!

4th Month of Life

was Interacting very well with m surroundings,
I love to smile, and learnt how to respond to others.
Exploring the world starts now!

 5th month of Life

I can now focus on doing something, for about 30 seconds then move on to something else.
I Love to watch cartoons,
I Roll over like a pro,
Loved my first foods,
I now know who my Ummi is,
I cry whenever she leaves the room.

6 months NOW!

I am more aware of my surroundings,
Very curious to discover more!

I love both my Ummi & Walid so much,
Sometimes if Ummi bores me,
with vitamins and flu-medications,
(building my immunity to become strongerrr!)
Walid will turn me into a superboy,
and I love that the most!


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