Thursday, 21 February 2013

That Golden Lining


I have to admit that going through these days have been confusing and tough.
Juggling Obstetrics with Gyneacology, and Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics and Surgery
 at the same time.

I go through my days, planning to do a whole lot of things,
but ended up going through a whole different schedule.

SubhanALLAH for He is the Best Planner!

and even if I may not yet be able to see a silver lining,
just like those times it rained,
I will hold on to my faith,
and I am very sure that the 'lining' is going to be Golden this time.

even if both Ummi and Mashary struggles at bed time,
Ummi struggling to put him to bed,
and him struggling to stay awake to play !!
as soon as my baby closes his eyes and drifts off,
I will spend the last few minutes before going to sleep smiling and thanking ALLAH for giving me my best thing ever.
SubhanALLAH, Alhamdulillah.

and then I wish I could wake him up for another round of kisses and giggles!

Alhamdulillah for the beautiful people You Equip me with at this time of temporary cold storms.
I can definitely sense YOUR MERCY through 
my husband's smile, my mother's messages, my father's phone calls, my friends' generosity,my baby's voice, and many more.

They are my sunshine, 
They are my sugar,
They are my spark of fire.

even in the gravest moments,
ALHAMDULILLAH is my first ever word to be said!

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