Monday, 25 June 2012

My First Surprise Baby Shower!!


This post is soo long overdue.. but I promised myself to write about it no matter what, because it tells a story of celebrating babies, food and most importantly friendship!

Last Friday, I was invited to Beit HK for lunch, Aisyah told me that Najwa was gonna make laksa penang as I was craving for it..So I was more than happy to have lunch with them that day..However my stove was having a few problems of its own that I had to delay our lunch date because Hubby's lunch was not ready yet..Alhamdulillah I managed to prepare a very simple lunch and rushed off to the HKs immediately..Hubby told me several times not to prepare his lunch on that day but I felt guilty leaving him 'lunchless'..hehe..

I had to climb 5 flights of stairs!! i really took my flight at a time, as I just recovered from a fever..I had less energy to literally do anything at a high speed..haha..however that climb was worth it when Najwa opened the door and I saw sooo many girls shouting out 'surprise!!!!'

I was so shocked and was so close to tears..but I became tearless due to too much crying before this..and i thought this is moment to celebrate not to cry over! the tears remained unteared.. :)

There were yummy food served, from laksa penang, to laksam, to deserts like Duta's famous chocolate cake and nutella cupcakes by Hanim, and a kind of oat shortbread by Ihsan..Of course the main menu were prepared by masterchef Najwa Anis and the gang..haha..MashaALLAH..I had soo may choices of food!!! Baby could not have been happier..hahah..

After that Nurul and Aisyah conducted baby shower games..and we all had a good laugh..

Never to forget the decorations beautifully Nuna and the HKs..they were soo creative!!

all in all, I had a good time..
I thank all my friends- those who planned, those who helped, those who came and celebrated, you kno who you are..:)

I thank ALLAH for Loving  me so much as He Showered me with the love of my times when I count my tears more than my smiles..really only ALLAH Knows my condition at that time and how all of you have brightened my rainy , stormy days...

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