Sunday, 17 June 2012

The love of my life.


This post is a lil thank you note to these people, who have literally carried me on their shoulders ( still carrying now even with extra extra pounds, haha )with nothing but smiles on their faces.. and they are :-

My Hubby 
 Thanks for always doing your best thruout our marriage, taking care of me every single day. 
Being my strength and support, baring and complimenting my infinty of weakness.
.Making me laugh even during the hardest times..
I am at every second of my life amazed by how ALLAH Completes me by sending you as my partner.
I love you a million times.

My Parents
Thanks for always striving! to give whatever you have and only the best for me.
I really hope to become as good as the both of you to my children later on.
No one can ever replace your undying and unconditional love towards your children.
Sometimes I feel bad that I may have not been the child that makes you happy today,
but i pray that ALLAH Lift all your sins and Love you just the way you loved me when I was little,
and may He Grant you only the highest level of Jannah!



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