Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dreaming of Kofta with Yoghurt Sauce plus stir-fried potatoes.


So, it's already the 25th Ramadhan..and this is my first attempt to enter and actually cook something in the kitchen..

It's been weeks since I was craving for koftas! The first time i ever ate this dish was when Esra', my landlord ( or landlady's) daughter made them. She had them send with orange colored rice with some veges.. they tasted awesome and i was ADDICTED.. I do not know what was the ingredient that was contributing to this addiction..but yeah..i was officially addicted to koftas..

I tried asking Esraa for the recipe, but it sounded pretty complicated, but ALHAMDULILLAH i found a Knorr Kofta Mix!!! in the nearby shop in Mansoura..I bought 5 packets of em and I will now try to make my own koftasssss..hope they taste good and are able to cool down my addiction..haha..

The yoghurt sauce was suggested by Kak Jiji, the well-renowned cook in Mansoura. I got the recipe and can't wait to taste it complimenting my Koftas~

Also the stir fried potatoes is to replace the orange colored rice. :)

'Asr is in 20 mins and then off to the kitchen for my kofta making experience!!

p/s: credits to Jidi Aman for buying me the yoghurt..thanks for making my kofta dream come trueee...

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