Thursday, 25 August 2011

Amazingly AMAZING.


What a beautiful Ramadhan morning as I was very busy doing my  wedding preparations calling up everybody, texting everyone, i decided to take a break watching something on

As i watched this video by Hafidh Wisam Sharieff, I cudnt stop was shocking in a way but amazingly beautiful..

I got emotional watching this video coz of course I was in the 'been there, done that' mode..I never wna go astray again, coz as this lecture says, difficulties and obstacles will come your way..and honestly I have felt all those difficulties and obstacles..Astaghfirullah..

However, I'm confident that this lecture will touch the hearts of all muslims. because as we fast and pray everyday, we always long to know who we're doing these for.. so this lecture helps us get to know ALLAH, our creator more and more.


Oh ALLAH, Please please please make us the seeing ones on the the day of judgement!!
ameen, ameen, ya Rabb al-'aalameen.

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